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We do not give you the old tired clones of the latest success. Our games are built on new ideas.


You don't need to spend countless hours working towards an endgame. Have fun from the moment you start playing.


We won't recreate Solitaire. Whether you want to work with them or against them, you'll play other, real people instead of an algorithm.


Whether you're bored on your commute, or just want an evening alone at home, our games will be there. We support all major cell phones, tablets and desktop computers.


We aim for our players to enjoy our games whether they play 5 minutes or days a week. Any skill level, any playtime, any experience - you should have fun

No problems

All our games go through extensive testing. No crashes in the middle of a competition, no annoying behavior, no in-your-face ads. It just works.

About us.

We are passionate about games. Our team has decades of experience creating captivating games, and we're continuously coming up with new ways to engage our players. From casual mobile games to massive multiplayer online games, if it's fun we'll create it.

All our games are multi-player at their core, whether you want to join forces with your friends or fight your neighbor we'll provide an entertaining avenue to do so.

Meet the Founders.

Experienced team with big ideas.

Erik Sperling Johansen


Erik has 25 years of software development experience, 13 of these in the gaming industry. He has founded multiple companies, and been a part of the management team during the development and release of 3 major MMOs.

Kjetil Helland


Kjetil has 15 years of professional Game Development experience. He has founded multiple companies, and been the lead during the inception, development and release of 3 major MMOs. Kjetil has also lead the developement of a 3D-Engine for realtime MMO's which have been used in 3 MMO's and are currently being licensed to several companies.

Our Games.

We love playing with other people. Co-operation or PvP, regardless of the game, there’s nothing beating the fun of playing games with real human beings. All our games reflect this. We only create multiplayer games, where you can play with strangers from all over the world, and make great friends you would have a hard time finding elsewhere.

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MultiMatchEm is a new and innovative real-time multiplayer game being developed in co-operation with an Asian publisher. It is set to be released in Asia in Q2 2017 and in Europe & North America during Q3 2017. The MultiMatchEm website and press information will go live in Q2 2017.

MultiMatchEm will be released on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

WonderStar is a multiplayer game set to be released worldwide in Q4 2017.

Website and press information will be available in Q3 2017.

WonderStar will be released on all major platforms.

Unstoppable Force is a revolutionary new MMO, set to be released in 2019.

It will feature desktop and mobile versions complementing each other.

Website and information about Unstoppable Force is set to go live in Q3 2017.

Gable Project

HuginTech is proud to be a partner in Project Gable, where HuginTech are responsible for creating all the games.


Gamification For A Better Life